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[Kpop][Level2] Sticky - KISS OF LIFE

7/27/2024 Sat 2:00-3:30pm @Kirkland | Instructor : Cindy

  • 30 US dollars
  • Kirkland

Service Description

Sticky绝对是最适合今年夏天的单曲啦!清爽的入耳仙曲加上甜甜的性感编舞,简直就是最佳夏日淡斑套餐。和我一起来释放健康的美吧! Video Link | 舞蹈链接: (0:40-1:01) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【Course Booking Guidelines】 You can cancel or change a booked class up to 24 hours before the class starts: - For students using a class plan to book the class: After logging in, go to your personal page, click "My Bookings" to see your booked classes. Click "Cancel" to cancel. - For students who directly paid for this class: Contact WeChat stepup-wa to reschedule or cancel the class. Please note that canceling a class will incur a 10% handling fee. Course booking is only allowed for the student themselves and cannot be transferred; StepUp Dance Studio reserves the right to change course timings/contents; The final interpretation right is owned by StepUp Dance Studio. For any inquiries, please contact our WeChat customer service at stepup-wa. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【预约课程须知】 可在开课24小时前取消或更改预约课程: - 使用次卡报名的同学:登陆后,前往个人主页,点击"My Bookings" 即可看到已预约的课程。点击cancel即可取消。 - 直接付款本节课程的同学:联系微信stepup-wa reschedule或者cancel课程。请注意,cancel课程会扣除10%手续费。 仅限学员本人预约课程,不可转让; StepUp Dance Studio保留更改课程时间/内容的权利; 最终解释权由StepUp Dance Studio所有。 有任何问题请咨询微信客服 stepup-wa

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  • Kirkland Dance Center, 7th Avenue, Kirkland, WA, USA

    WechatID stepup-wa

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